Join our Greek-Abroad beachfront Community Resort Association: HELLENIC PARADISE

Beachfront Properties on a golden beach in Evia Island for sale

Located only 2h distance from Athens

Enjoy your holidays in Greece at a minimum cost !

All modern designed Villas have Seaview

The Concept

All Greeks Abroad together in Greece at a unique location!

Thousands of Greeks abroad want to enjoy their vacations in their homeland. Many have their own homes but most do not. Hellenic Paradise is founded to help all Greeks Abroad to enjoy their vacations in Greece together.

The resort is beautifully nested on a 20acre seaside park with a lake and it’s compiled of 6- 16unit state of the art buildings surrounded by a playground, a swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts. Each building offers two coffee bars and an indoor pool.

All studios, sized at 30 sq.m. (Which equals to 320sq Ft) are open concept and fully furnished with the most modern pieces of furniture covering the bedroom, living and dining necessities. Furthermore each studio has its own private balcony!


Take the smart decision and enjoy your Vacations in Greece at a minimum cost

The dream of the luxury holiday home on a beautiful Greek island beach is now uniquely affordable for even those of even modest income since you can buy a beachfornt studio with only $88,000 (which is around half of the average market price to buy a similar waterfront property). 

Larger families  can also rent additional space when visiting the resort with 30% discount which is valid for all Community members. 

Members of Hellenic paradise have even more options now to buy a beachfron property:

OPTION A: Buy 50% co-ownership with $ 44,000 . Then you can use it six months a year  from February to July or from August to January. Obviously you can either enjoy your vacations there or rent it for the period that you don’t live there and earn a significant rental income. 

OPTION B: Buy 25% co-ownership with $ 22,000 and use the studio for one month from July and August, two months from May and June and eight months from September to April.

Large families instead of buying larger apartments can buy 50% co-ownership in two different studios or 25% co-ownership in four studios. In that case you have the opportunity to join your vacations in Greece together with all family members, by using more than one appartment at the same time, without the need to buy in full all the appartments that you’ll use. 

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

Our Resort will be constructed as an environmentally conscious and ecologically safe Green Development and operated in a sustainable fashion emphasizing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

All Services customarily offered by major hotels

Property owners will find all they need for relaxing and vacationing within walking distance. The individual villas will be supported by a management facility providing owners with all they expect to find at a luxury resort hotel, including an entertainment and conference center.

Feel the Aegean Breeze

Awake every morning in a secluded cove of the crystal clear Aegean Sea with a view of the magnificent island of Andros and a sandy beach at your doorstep.

Our Resort

Fantastic Holidays + Investment Opportunity = Hellenic Paradise Resort

All Greeks abroad are invited to join this unique opportunity in the homeland, enjoy luxurious vacations, to meet Greeks living not only from Greece but from all over the world. Make a secure investment in a waterfront property.

Enjoy Lifetime Vacations to Greece! 

The purchase cost starts at $ 22,000. Buying a 25% stake in our luxury studio saves you $ 5,000 every year on beach hotel rentals (compared to the actual average cost to rent a similar waterfront property)

Ideal for Families

Our children will play at Hellenic Paradise, but more importantly, their summers will fill them with knowledge and appreciation of Greek culture and build lifelong ties with others of their motherland.

Great Opportunity to Invest in Greece

The dream of a luxury holiday home on a beautiful Greek island beach is now uniquely affordable for even those of even modest incomes since you can buy our studios only from $22.000

Unique Location of Evia Island

Hellenic Paradise Resort is being developed at the beach of Potami Platanistos, Karystos, on the southern shore of the island of Evia, just 2.5 hours from Athens airport.

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